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At Tattvam we offer certified courses from plethora of Training & Certification options that are listed under this section.Our goal is to bring-in the requisite change in ‘Lifestyle & Wellness’ by introducing more healers into the world through our ‘Wellness Courses and Innovative Healing Modalities’ that suits every generation.

‘Tattvamites’ are healers who’s trained and certified at Tattvam to work on individual Soul & its Physical form as a divine healer; today Tattvamites are recognized as best healers who have transformed many lives.

The courses offered by Tattvam, is categorized under ‘Complementary & Alternative Healing’ discipline. Primarily dealing with practices that are other than conventional Clinics, Medical Treatments, SPA Therapies and Fitness Therapies. In comparison to the above, Tattvamite courses can be broadly classified as Alternative Medical Systems, Mind and Body interventions, Manipulative Methods for better health and Energy Therapies for holistic wellness.

theta healing

Was founded by Vianna Stibal, The ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge (THInK) is in Bigfork, Montana. THInK is dedicated to the certification of ThetaHealing Instructors and the development of ThetaHealing World Wide. The ThetaHealing Technique is an energy-healing modality founded by Vianna Stibal. The formation of this school opens the door to all who have been interested in the ThetaHealing technique to continue to learn and gain confidence in their abilities. THInK allows those who would like to practice and teach the ThetaHealing technique, to have the Healing and Practical Training needed to continue the spread of this great work.

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