Who am I?

Being human is mostly filled with dilemma- whether to say or not say, do or not do, good or bad etc. It’s their conscious mind that is constantly engaged with the disturbing lifestyle, burdening one’s own mind, body and soul. Naively, we’ve been withdrawn into technology, innovations and many such advancements in various fields of existence, that we have lost to understand the real purpose of life. We have been continuously adding burden onto our soul. We have been directed towards living normal life in a stressful way. One might relate to this message with this example: Say you wanted to become a painter, but you are a Chartered Accountant. You wanted to become Pilot, but became an Architect. How acceptable is it? Funny, isn’t it? But, this is the life you we living, burdened, stressed, exhausted, meaningless at times and senseless mostly. Because we chose not to question our conscious mind of conscious acts. Our present wouldn’t have been the same if we had the ability to question at the right moment. Perhaps! we choose a better destination than the one that we are driving towards now. Well, is there anything that we could do about yesterday? Perhaps not!?

Now that we have understood how to question ourselves by introspecting reversely (Intuitive Thinking), lets shift gears to questioning the future. What do we have in the box- “Future”? How do we understand what we have in “Future” box for tomorrow? This is time when it is important to apply Intuitive Thinking. It makes it easier to understand the future. It is also indeed the first step towards finding the source of our existence and many other deeper questions.

For such deep understanding of Life, one should be ready to activate the sub-conscious mind. Our subconscious mind works wonders once it is activated.

To activate Sub-conscious mind and to create space within us for something superior as energy we must start by accepting ourselves the way we are, by letting ourselves free to natures will. This will develop silence in mind and create space by removing negativity. Slowly we will start becoming patient, calm and composed, with much more determination and focus on our goals. The hardest part of such inner transition is the way one can conquer the evil emotions like anger, ego, pride, arrogance and exhibition of false power; as we conquer these evil emotions we will start realizing the fact that there is nothing concrete achieved yet, there is more to life and we want to access it.This is moment of your life, when all the other body parts, invisible to human eye starts to function. You mind starts to command from the back, your body starts to receive signals from Chakras- the charging agents in our body, your brain is the university revealing itself totally with knowledge to various aspects of life, perception, intuition and many other karmic acts. This is basic necessity for us to start looking at future and living the way life is meant to live. This is our path- from decision to destination. This is when You start discovering the real you.

Simple Exercise:

imagine that we are currently driving a car. We are on a road that leads a long way we are unaware of, we will be driving the car in a few moments after carefully thinking and analyzing our present self and future destination. We have the steering in our hands and the wherewithal for the journey. Let’s plan. (Start Intuitive Thinking).

Where do go? (What you wish to be?)

What’s the best way forward? (Learn, unlearn and apply knowledge)

Look right or left to decide, or do we blindly continue the same path (Decide).

Are we looking at a pleasant trip or a troubled road? (Better life or Regular Life).

Does the map read red signals of dangers or does it show us green signal of happiness? (Setting expectations about the journey).

What do we need? (Chose a Peaceful destination or complex living).

What’s that we are looking forward to in life? Peace of mind, Happiness in our relationships and in our families, money enough to live a life relieved of troubles and other cumbersome. What is that one thing we like to live with and die for? These Questions, lead us to our destination. Most of these questions revolve around you and your desires.

The answers you know, are within us. If you could think along and answer these questions, then you are prepared to practice other techniques for peaceful life.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE, understand your TATTVAM- Soul Speaking!? Is all you have to do

I am ME, at all situations and in all aspects of my life. My decision (as a writer) is to speak to soul (s) and destination is to ensure you will learn the art of questioning, learn better ways to find answers, learn to remove troubles from your lives, learn to attract money, prosperity and happiness, learn the truth behind relationships and make many such relationships in the future which will enhance your personality and lifestyle. My destination is elevating your soul to higher plane. My ultimate destination will be to energize you so much that you create an aura that illuminates from within you, brilliance in you which shall lighten up everyone around.

Do I now have you with me? Have you decided your destination? Can you picture it? Are we ready to move on?

But do remember I am only guiding you to your destination, and you will decide for your life. You will, from now on apply Intuitive Thinking as you drive along the path to seek answers to “Who you are?”.

Today- A Chaotic Life!



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